What's so cool about pants?

It's been 101 Years that our store in Logan, Utah has been in business. Yes, that is pretty cool to remain in business in the same location for that many years. And since it started out as a Men's Clothing Store it was natural to add Men's Tuxedo Rentals & Sales, Shoes and Accessories. So when the Bridal Shop and Wedding Decorating was added to our store it felt natural to add Women's Clothing right along with it. So as the years passed the Women's Clothing was fairly dressy. We have sold Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Jewelry, Accessories and even Women's Shoes......but never Woman's Pants. Now we can say... we did it! We NOW SELL WOMEN'S PANTS! It's exciting for us, even though it seems silly to others.

It's really exciting to see our store evolve over the years. We have such a variety of things in our store now, that you would think we were a big chain store. We love being a One of a Kind store and a One Stop Shopping for Brides & Grooms, Elder and Sister Missionary's and Men & Women. So watch for future posts of the coolest Women's Pants in Logan, Utah.

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