As a Girl....growing up

As a girl growing up in a conservative family, I learned from the very beginning how important wearing modest clothing was to my parents. I always wore a one-piece bathing suit. When I was 8 years old, I learned how to sew my own modest clothing. I even made modest clothing for my dolls. As I grew older, modest clothing was totally what I always had in my wardrobe.

In my religion, we are taught to wear modest clothing, and that you act the way you dress. My father always respected my mother, and of course she wore modest clothing to.

Now as an owner of a Men's & Women's Clothing Store in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah, my personal focus as you can guess is on Modest Clothing.

It doesn't matter where you live, and what your faith is, we can all look respectable in our Women's Modest Clothing.

Join us this Father's Day holiday for a sale of 25% OFF everything in the store's regular prices.

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 A husband & wife team happy to offer help and solutions for your clothing needs. We dress Elder or Sister Missionary's, Bride or Grooms, Men & Women. We have Men's Suits, Tuxedo Rentals and so much more!  We offer Modest Clothing at Modest Prices.  You'll find Men's Suits 2 for $250 Everyday.  No appointment necessary.  You will find even more items in the store than you will see on our website. You will find us in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah.