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May is a very special month...It's when we get to celebrate one of the most important people in our lives. Our Mother and or the Mother of our children. We all love and appreciate Her all year long, but in May there is a day set apart to honor just Her. Many of us have a family tradition for that special day, to spoil our Moms and let Her know how very much we love her and that we are ever so thankful for ALL she does for us each and every day. At Leven's, we celebrate Mom's everywhere and would like to help you make Her day even more special with a beautiful new outfit. We carry a wide variety of clothing from dressy modest go to church, or a picnic in the park, or a barbeque in the back yard. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect collection for Her perfect day... Mother's are the heartbeat of our families. They deserve the very best. Mother's love to wear Modest Women's Clothing and they love their daughters to wear Modest Women's Clothing to. To All the Mother's out there:

Wonderful Mother

So gentle, yet so strong

The many ways you show you care

Always makes me feel I belong

You're patience when I'm foolish

Your guidance when I ask

It seems you can do most anything

You're the master of every task

You're a dependable source of comfort

You're my cushion when I fall

You help in times of trouble

You support me whenever I call

I love you more than you know

You have my total respect

If I had my choice of Mother's

You'd be the one I would select

Joanna Fuchs

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