IS it Really Over?

Shoes & Oils to name a couple things.

TWO LONG YEARS I have been sufferring with the worst foot pain ever! I work in Retail, in fact I own the store....I don't have time for foot pain. I didn't know what the reason for the pain was for a long time, but it became VERY OBVIOUS that it was plantar fasciitis. And if you know what that is.......then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Pain.

I learned several stretchs. I iced my foot. I bought flat shoes and quit wearing heels. I bought expensive tennis shoes. I tried everything. Even setting down all day for a couple of days in a row did nothing to relieve my pain. WHY?

I went on a business trip. I had to walk all day long for several days while on this business trip! I ended up at a shoe store where I spent a lot on a pair of Dansko sandals. Oh my! These shoes felt so good, or at least as good as they could considering it had felt like I had a rock in my shoes for a very long time. This new pair of shoes got me thru this week long business trip.

That particular pair of shoes helped me get thru the next business trip 6 months later, and then thru another business trip a year later. These shoes got me thru so many long days at work.... 14 hour days during the Summer Sidewalk Sale, and so much more. These shoes pretty much became my uniform. If they came close to matching, I would wear them. I still love that pair of shoes. I should frame them.

Some days ( most days) I walked in my back door at home, after a long day of work, and went straight to the tub and ran a hot bath, and then died of the worst foot pain ever. Infact, that has been my rountine for almost 2 years. Now, I love a good hot bath. Foot pain, however, is something I could live without.

You see, I think that my journey is finally coming to an end. I hardly dare say anything, for fear that it is wishful thinking. I have done the following things that have helped me conquer this little trial in my life.

1. Wear nothing but Dansko Shoes. I finally have several pairs. I can't wear sandals all year right. I had to find other styles to get me thru the entire year.

2. DoTerra Essential Oils: My sweet husband will give me a foot rub at night and more often if I need with the following oils: Aroma Touch, Lemongrass, Lavendar, Deep Blue, Frankincense followed with Deep Blue Cream. These oils paired with Dansko Shoes were the life savors.

3. The right stretch. I have a crooked leg from breaking it when I was little. And that happens to be the leg with the bad foot. It wasn't helping doing the stretches that doctors told me to do. People would share their advice and I would certainly try it. It just helped the pain not get worse.....but it still felt like I had a rock in my shoe....maybe the rock was just smaller. One day a customer suggested that I twist when I stretched........OMG......the very day that I added a twist to my stretches, is the day I felt my rock so to speak, move a little bit to a different location in my foot. Yes I still had pain. The pain was now is a new spot, it was less intense, and for the first time, I finally felt like I could get a grip on it.

I invested in compresion socks.... and they aren't cheap! I always wore my Dansko Shoes. I tried to always to my DoTerra Oil rub down on my feet every night if possible. I iced my foot even though I'm a big baby about cold ice anywhere on my body. And I twisted and stretched!

I asked for harder rub downs on my feet.....and that hurt......but over time, and by being dilligent with my routine, I think I dare say that the plantar fasciitis it almost totally gone.

Now the reason I don't dare start singing to loud yet, is because I still have foot pain after a long day on my feet, but I think that's normal foot pain. And if I don't keep doing my stretches, wearing my compression socks, and doing my DoTerra Essential Oils foot rubs I can feel it staring to creep back, but my feet are so, so, so much better that I am so greatful to have figured out a solution for my foot pain.

I am so excited about this, that I wanted to tell the world, in case someone else is having the same issues. I can't tell you what a relief after more than 2 long years to have some relief in my feet. It is so nice. I still have to be careful, but I want to shout out to help those in need.

Because of all of this I sell Dansko Shoes at my store. I already sold DoTerra Essential Oils at my store. I might start selling compression socks to, because they are so helpful.

4. Moral to this story. Take care of yourself. And until you walk a mile in someones shoes, you just don't know what they are going through. To all those out there with foot pain, I really honestly do feel for you. Give my suggestions a try and good luck!

Happy New Year! My feet and I are here if you need more advice and info. Find me at or visit me at my store Leven's 69 N. Main Street Logan, UT #435-752-7032. We are Open 10-6 MST Monday-Saturday. We are right on main street and easy to find. We have been in the same building for 102 Years. Good luck and God Bless,