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They didn't mention THAT in my Call Packet...

Meet our new  employee and blogger!

Hey everyone! My name is Emi Facer. I’m new here at Leven’s and will be writing on this blog to offer some advice, highlight some new things with the store and get you excited to find the perfect fit for any and all of your missionary, bridal and formal wear needs.

So let’s talk. I served an LDS mission from 2013 to 2015, right after the missionary age was changed from 21 to 19 for sisters and 19 to 18 for elders. I remember vividly going store to store from Logan all the way to Salt Lake City trying to find skirts that were long enough, shirts that were dressy enough, shoes that were comfortable enough…and let me tell you, it got old really fast going from store to store only finding a few gems here and there. How I wish I had known of a store like Leven’s that offers a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need to feel comfortable and confident as a sister missionary!

After serving for eighteen months, there were many things that looking back would have been really nice to know about buying sister missionary clothing. I’ve compiled a list of “hacks” to help your shopping go as smoothly as possible as you prepare to serve!

  • Pocketed skirts are a LIFESAVER.

  • As missionaries, you are outside ALL THE TIME. You’re going from appointment to appointment, meetings, talking to people on the street and doing service. The LAST thing you want to be doing is having to have your hands full with pamphlets, cards and the occasional chapstick. Skirts with pockets are AWESOME. I would keep pass-along cards in there and it was so useful to always have them on me for when we would run into people outside of a normal contacting situation. They make life easier, and hey, isn’t that what we want as sister missionaries? J

  • The Happy Medium: Lightweight, yet not See Through.

  • So I served in Canada, right? Everyone told me it was going to be freezing in the winter, but no one told me about the summers! It was just as hot in the summer in Canada as it was in Utah, just maybe a little bit more humid. One thing that saved me was having lightweight blouses and shirts that did not require an undershirt. Now don’t get me wrong, undershirts are WONDERFUL. They save a lot of hassle and prevent a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. However, it’s nice to just slip on a shirt and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

  • Color, color, color!

  • The more color you have, the happier you will be. Your job is to reflect the Light within, right? It only makes sense to dress with a lot of colors. The more colorful you are, the more inviting you seem.

  • Belts and scarves are literally utility belts for sister missionaries.

  • Variety is key. I brought two belts and many scarves (maybe more than I needed, honestly) and it helped spice up many of my outfits. They were a valuable addition, and not to mention easy for my mom to send me when I was out in the field!

  • Good Shoes MATTER.

  • I’m going to get on a soapbox for a second. LADIES. GOOD SHOES MATTER. I brought one pair of good shoes (maybe not the prettiest, but good support, durable, the whole package) and three pairs of “meh” shoes that were pretty, yes, but not functional. I ended up blowing through the “meh” shoes within my first two transfers and my functional ones lasted my whole mission. I promise it will go a long way to just buckle down and get the functional shoes. Your feet will thank you at the end of your mission. J

  • Dress vs. Skirt: Who is the Real Winner?

  • The answer? Both! I loved having dresses and skirts equally on the mission. Having a dress was great for the days that I was sick of matching the same navy skirt to various blouses. It’s a low maintenance outfit for sure. On the other hand, some of my FAVORITE mission outfits were skirt/shirt combos, and they allowed for more creative expression. It is totally and completely up to your personal preference!

  • Versatile goes a LONG way.

  • Three words, ladies: MIX AND MATCH. That navy skirt that may seem plain and boring will end up being a favorite because it goes with EVERYTHING. Find skirts and shirts that have many different combinations because it will make you feel like you have a whole different wardrobe.

  • Above all else, go comfortable!

  • Ladies, comfort truly is the best option. If you find a skirt or dress that you like that’s uncomfortable or hard to maintain, it won’t be worn as much. There were two or three skirts that I brought with me that I ended up sending home because they required a lot of ironing! As silly as it sounds, I HATED ironing so I stayed away from it. The most comfortable items of clothing I owned were easy to maintain, fit well and made me feel confident as I went out to do missionary work. That’s what it’s all about, right?

There you have it! Good luck to you, and we can’t wait to see you soon at Leven’s on 69 N Main Street.


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