These Shoes Made for Walkin'

I remember shopping for mission shoes was the HARDEST thing in the world for me. I had been told to bring one or two pairs of good shoes and then some dress shoes. Thankfully, the dress shoes were not that hard to find, but since I am probably the pickiest person ever when it comes to good shoes, the shopping for those was a little bit harder. I found a few brands that I liked, such as ecco, Clarks and Dansko, and from there was able to narrow down which ones I truly needed.

I feel like shopping for good solid shoes is SO MUCH EASIER these days! Many of the “good shoes” with arch support and a thick sole for walking have been tailored to fit the needs of people on their feet a lot such as missionaries, retail employees, nurses, etc. They are so stylish now as well! Here in the store, we carry many types of good, quality shoes for men and women in brands such as Florsheim (for men) and Dansko (for women). These shoes are built very well and are meant to provide that support for a long time. It’s so necessary to have those when you are on your feet or walking a lot, just like a missionary.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of traditions, and especially of remembering your personal heritage. This weekend, those of us here in Utah have the opportunity to reflect on the heritage of those who came before us as pioneers. They probably could have used those good shoes!

A pioneer, as it is defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is considered one who is “the earliest or first in their field of inquiry.” The pioneers, as many of us know, came over on a trek west and settled in Utah in 1847. Their journey west is often characterized by long periods of suffering, sacrifice and a demonstration of the human will in order to overcome the hardships that many faced along the trail. Very few of them had adequate provisions, footwear and supplies needed in order to make the trek, but many of them pushed through and made it.

I am so grateful to the early pioneers for the sacrifices that they gave so that I could live where I do now. Utah is INCREDIBLE, and Cache Valley is the cherry on top. I’m also grateful that we have the opportunity to have adequate provisions, such as the good footwear discussed above. We are so lucky! I’d invite you to take a minute to reflect over the next couple days about what the sacrifice of the pioneers means to you. Take a moment to appreciate the sacrifice, and reflect on the ways that you can be a pioneer in your own life.