Preparing for a Mission?

If you are a missionary or preparing for a mission to come, look no further.  You'll find a large selection of items that are available and at your fingertips to help before you head out into the missionary field.  You'll find the most modest clothing at modest prices.  So feel free to look for everything you want for elder or sister missionaries, the selection you'll find at Leven's will help you be ready so you can take the worry out of missionary shopping.  Come and have a look and talk with our courteous and professional staff at Leven's right here in downtown Logan, Utah!

Latter Day Missionary Suits
Missionary Dresses

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 A husband & wife team happy to offer help and solutions for your clothing needs. We dress Elder or Sister Missionary's, Bride or Grooms, Men & Women. We have Men's Suits, Tuxedo Rentals and so much more!  We offer Modest Clothing at Modest Prices.  You'll find Men's Suits 2 for $250 Everyday.  No appointment necessary.  You will find even more items in the store than you will see on our website. You will find us in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah.