Men's Clothing

Men's Suits starting at 2 for $250 & $10 Ties.  

Suits are not sold online at this time. Let the experts help you!

Visit us at Leven's 69 N. Main St. Logan, Utah or for questions 435-752-7032.


Suits for your special day

What is your style?

Patterned Socks

Check out the $2-$3 Sock rack!

0-Dusty Blue


Tan Suits

Light Blue Suits

Unique colored suits

We can help

Stretch Suits


Your Way

3 Piece Suits give you more options.

His way

Slim and Classic Shirts

Plaid Suits

Dusty Blue

Men's Ties & Accessories

Light Blue Suits $149 & up

Suits for the Groom


Where do you wear your suit?

Rail Belts

Men's Slim Suit

Suits 2 for $250 and up everyday.

Burgundy Vested Suit

Men's Suits sold inside our Logan store located right on main street in Logan, Utah.

Men's Suits

Ask about our PKG Deals

Men's Slim Fit Dress Pants

Ask about our Golf Pants.

Bold Plaids


Business Suits

Let us dress you for that upcoming interview.

Men's Accessories

Light Gray Suit

This suit is for rent or to purchase.

Bow Ties

Wedding Attire

The groom and his father.

Neck Ties with Pocket Squares

Gray Slim Suit

Now Available

NEW Stretch Slimfit Suits. Ask about our PKG Deals.

Men's Gray Suit

Rent or Buy this gray suit.

Try a Rail Belt Today!

Blue Plaid Vested Suit

Bold Blue Plaid Suit with a Black vest included.

Gray Plaid Suit

Men's Suits starting at $125 everyday.

Burgundy Plaid Suit

3 Piece suits starting at $150.

Blue Plaid

Navy blue plaid 3 piece suit starting at $149.

Stacy Adams Shoes

Shoe Sale $99

Father and Son's

Suits for the whole family.

Burgundy Suit

Slim fitting suit. Also comes with a vest if needed.

Dusty Blue Men's Suit

Classic Men's Suit.

Window Pane Plaid Suit

Tan Suit

Wedding Attire

We will go above and beyond to help you find the perfect look.

Quality Ties Only $10

Men's Blue Plaid Suit

Plaid suits are really in style!

The Groom

A light blue-gray slim fit suit for the groom.

Plaid Vested Suits

Charcoal Suit

Ask about our missionary packages.

Homecoming Suits

Ask about our PKG Deals.

Navy Plaid Suit

Gray Plaid Suit

Burgundy Plaid Suit

Dark burgundy plaid suit with a black vest which is included.

More Accessories

Light Blue Suit

Light Blue Plaid Suit

Burgundy 3 piece Suit

Business Suits

Suits for the whole family

Groom Suits

Men's Accessories

Ties on Sale $10

3 Piece Suit


Men's Stretch Golf Pants

Slim fitting stretch pants.

Beautiful Burgundy Suit

Light Blue Plaid Suit

Share a PKG Deal

Gray Plaid Suit

Wedding Attire

Your day Your way!

Ties for the Guys

Green Suit

Clothing for the entire family

Tan Men's Suit


Shoes in all colors.


Light Blue Plaid Suit

Slim Fit Suits

Men's Neck Ties

Burgundy Plaid Suit

3 piece suit.

Gray Suit for the Groom

Men's Blue Plaid Suit

Great looking dusty blue plaid suit.

Quality Men's Ties

Burgundy Suit

Bold Blue Suits

Blue Plaid Suit

Perfect look for a job interview.

Wedding Party Clothing

Men's Clothing Store in Logan, Utah.

Blue  Slim Fit Suit

Burgundy Suits

Light Blue Plaid Suit Coat

Burgundy Suits

Gray Suits

Gray Vest and Pants

Burgundy Plaid Suit

Blue Suits 2 for $250

Men's Ties

Taupe Suits

Light Blue Plaid Suit

Burgundy Suit

Suits not sold online.

Suits for the High School Dances

Men's Suits

Suits for the Groomsmen

Tuxedo and Suit Rentals

Suits for the groomsmen

Share our package deal with your friends or family.

Blue  Suits

Suits to Rent or Buy

Suits not sold online.

Gray Suit for the Prom

Suits to Rent or Buy

Your Day Your Way

Men's Suits

Burgundy Suit

Taupe Suits

Floral Ties

School Dance Suits

Slim Suits

Plaid Suits

Business Suits.

Tan Tuxedo

Navy 3 Piece Tuxedo Rental

Men's Accessories

Bridal Clothing

Light Blue Plaid Suit

Suits not sold online.

Burgundy Plaid Suit

Bride and Groom Clothing

Best Seller!

Blue Slim Suits

Huge selection of slim suits to choose from.

Bride and  Groom Clothing

Burgundy Suit

Skinny Ties.

Men's Tan Tuxedo

Navy Blue Suits

Suits 2 for $250

Prom Suits

Light Blue Suit and Peach Tie

Blue Suits for Weddings

Let us suit you up.

Blue Slim Suit

This suit is in our 2 for $250 Pkg Deal.

Suits for the father of the bride

Men's Shirts

Men's ties $5 and $10 everyday. Shirts $25 and up.

Suits for the groom

Burgundy Plaid Suit

Men's Suit Store

Men's suits are not sold online. Call us with any questions you may have 435-752-7032.

Blue  Slim Fit Suit

Gray Suit

Burgundy Plaid Suit with a Vest

Gray Suit for the Groom

Blue Suits

Burgundy Tux for Sale

Missionary Suits

Burgundy Suits

Suits to Rent

Blue Plaid Suit

Navy Blue Classic Fit Suit.

Best prices in Town!

Men's Suits with a Twist

Bump your suit up to a more formal look with a satin vest.

Men's Ties in many colors

Blue  Suit

Burgundy Suit for the Groom

Slim fit suits in burgundy, black, gray and blue.

Best Seller $149.

Most Popular Suit!

Our most popular suit. Rent it or buy it.

Men's Fashions

Men's Suits Sale. Stop by our store at 69 N. Main St. in Logan Utah for the best deals in town on Men's Fashions.

Elder Missionary Clothing

Ask about our missionary package deals.

Blue 3 Piece Suit

Visit our Logan Utah Suit Store and see the large selection of Men's Suits starting at 2 for $250.

Suit Prices

Best deals in town!

Gray Suits

Suits starting at 2 for $250 Everyday

Modest Clothing

Women's and Men's Clothing Store in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah.

Missionary Clothing

We have 3 great missionary packages for great deals for your missionary.

Burgundy shirt

Men's Slim Fit Shirts.

Suits for the Groom

This groom has found just the look for his wedding.

Men's Gray Slim Suit

Men's Suit Deals

Men's suits are not sold online. Call us with any questions 435-752-7032.

Tan Suits and Wedding Gowns

Men's Light Blue Suit

Best Selling Suit!

Tux for the Groom

Tuxedo Rentals.

Suits for the Men in your Family

Men's Suits.

Gray Tux

Men's Tuxedo Rentals

Royal Blue Suits

Blue Suits

Suits, suits and more suits! You will love the great selection of Men's Suits.

Black Slim Tux

Black Slim Fit Tuxedo Rental.

Slim Suits for Everybody!

Blue  Slim Fit Suit

Burgundy Slim Suit for the Groom

Suits of many colors. If we don't have it in the store we will do our best to find one for you.

Navy is Nice!

Visit our Logan Store to see our large suit selection.

Men's Suit Store

Tux Rentals

Tuxes can be rented in Black, White, Gray, Tan and Blue along with a few others.

Tuxedo Rentals

School Dances and Weddings and more we have a Tuxedo for all occasions.

Gray Tux Rental

Best deals in town on a Tuxedo Rental.


Men's Suits in many colors.

Vests and Ties

Viysit our Logan store and let us help you with your Men's Clothing needs.

Buy the Suit or Rent it

Prom Time=Tux Time! We have Tux and Suit rentals.

Navy is Nice

Navy suit paired with a satin vest for a high school dance or a wedding.

Vest and Tie Rentals

Suits for teens and men.

Blue  Suit in a Window Pane Plaid

Men's Business Suits

Suits for the man in business.

Men's Dress Shirts and Ties

Men's Slim Shirts. Men's regular classic fit shirts.

Tan Tuxedo

Rent your Tuxedo from Leven's in Logan, Utah. Best deals in town.

Dress for Success

Let us help you dress for success.

Tailored Suits

Let us tailor your suit to give you a custom fit.

Slim Black Tuxedo

Tuxedo Rentals. Suit Rentals.

Gray Suit

Let us update your wardrobe and get you suited up.

Best prices in Town!

Brown Shoes

Florsheim shoes are our best selling brand of men's shoes.

Navy Suit

Slim Fit Navy Suits starting at $149.

Burgundy Suits

Red Ties and Blue Ties

Mission Suits

Suits for your missionary.

Suits for the Groom

Men's Shirts & Ties

Great selection of men's shirts and ties.

Men's Suits

Enjoy a $10 Tie to go with your Men's Suits.

Men's Socks

Visit our Men's Department today on main street in Logan, Utah.

Blue Suit


Clothing for Men.

Men's Suits

Shirts and Ties

We ave $5 & $10 Ties every day. Pair your tie with a nice new shirt.

Bow Ties

Ties or Bow Ties come see our big selection.

Red Shirt

Slim Fit Shirts.

Suits for the Groom

Let us help dress the groom for your wedding day.

Men's Suits

Medium Blue Slim Suit.

Suits for Prom

Gray Suits

Dark Suits, Light Suits, we have them all.

Burgundy Slim Fit Shirt

Try a slim fit shirt today and see if it flatters your body type.

Navy Blue Suit

Let us help you with your men's clothing needs.

Tan Tux

Fun Floral Ties

So many to choose from! Skinny Floral Ties.

Blue Slim Suit

3 Piece Slim Fit Plaid Suits. A best seller.

Men's Suits

Men's suits are not sold online.

Ivory Shirt

Ivory shirts in slim or regular fit.

Blue Slim Suit

Men's Suits in Logan, Utah. Visit our store today.

Light Blue Plaid 3 Pc

Father and Son Suits

Find us on main street in Logan, Utah.

Our Business is your Business

Shop Local in Historic Downtown Logan.

Burgundy Suit

Suits for the groom.

Light Blue Shirt

Black Suits

Men's Ties

Hundreds of Ties to choose from, on sale for only $10. Reg. $39.99.

Gray Tux $79.

Great selection of Tuxedos to rent. In Business 104 Years.

Blue Slim Fit Suit

Men's Slim Fit Suits only 2 for $250.....don't miss out on such a great deal!

Ties in  Burgundy and Grays

Men's & Women's Formal Wear

Formal Wear Shop

School Tux Special

Great Deal for any Schools!

3 Piece Suits

Suits starting at $149

Leven's Men's Gray Tux

Light Gray Tuxedo

Suits 2 for $250 Everyday!

How to Rent a Tux.

Simple. Let us help!

The Milano Tux

You name it, we have it.

Gray Vested

We can help.

Suit Yourself.

Slim Fit Suits. Tailored Suits. You can find all of your Men's Clothing needs.

Men's Shirt

Slim Fit Dress Shirts for the slimmer body Man.

Tux Rentals

Black or Gray, what is your style?

Gray Slim Fit Shirt

Suit Yourself.  Shop Local.

Navy Blue Slim Fit Suit paired with a Satin Vest to make it more formal for a school dance or wedding.

Classic Professional Clothing

Every day people need everyday clothes.

Best Seller.  Slim Fit Blue Suit.

Just a little brighter than Navy Blue. This suit is so handsome. Slim fit to.

Tux Rentals & Formal Wear

Tux Shop. Bridal Shop. Men's & Women's Clothing. Shop Local.

In Business 105 Years

Modest Clothing at Modest Prices!

Slim Fit Men's Gray Suit

This Suit is one of our most popular suits. Men love the fit a slim suit has to offer.

Lavender Shirt

In Style at Leven's

Classic Men's Suits

Clothing and Accessories

All of your clothing needs under one roof!

Floral Ties

Festive Floral Ties

3 piece Black Suit

Suits for all age and size Men. In Business 102 Years....we know what we are doing and would love to help you find the perfect suit.

Men's & Women's Clothing

Back to School Clothes everyday at Leven's in Logan, Utah

Gray Suits!  We love them!

Gray Suits look good on everyone.

Missionary Packages

Bow ties make you look smart!

$10 Bow ties everyday at Leven's!

Suit Yourself.

3 Piece Suits for the well dressed man.

Gray Suits.

Classic Fitting Suits

Tuxedo Rentals

Tan Tuxes or Gray Tuxes.

Love it at Leven's!

Clothing for every Occasion!

Suits and Formal Wear

All of your Formal Wear and Men's Clothing needs under one roof. Stop by today!

Fun Floral Men's Ties

Bright Colorful Floral Ties

Slim Fit Suits.

Slim Fit Blue Suit. Best Seller!

Men's Suits

Best prices in town on Men's Suits.

White Shirts. Colored Shirts.

Dress Shirts.

Men's Clothing

Stop by today, you will find Leven's right on main street in Logan, Utah.

Men's Clothing

Let our experts dress you.

Gray Suit Rental

Suits 2 for $250 Every day all year long.

Men's Clothing

What is your style? We can help.

Shop Local.

Gray Suits. No Problem.

Suits for the graduate

Leven's Men's Gray Tux

We love renting Tuxedos and we love our Customers! Starting at $49.

Men's Tan Tuxedo

Great Deals

Men's Suits not sold online. But call us with any questions 435-752-7032.

White Notch Tux

Rent your Tux now.

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 A husband & wife team happy to offer help and solutions for your clothing needs. We dress Elder or Sister Missionary's, Bride or Grooms, Men & Women. We have Men's Suits, Tuxedo Rentals and so much more!  We offer Modest Clothing at Modest Prices.  You'll find Men's Suits 2 for $250 Everyday.  No appointment necessary.  You will find even more items in the store than you will see on our website. You will find us in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah.