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Father's Day

As a young man my father found out that he and his beautiful wife would not be able to have children. My father was a very well respected man in the community, everyone loved him. He was a teacher, a mayor, a church leader and so much more. Neighbors would come to him for advice because he was a very sensible man. When he and my mother adopted me at just a few days old, the journey began for me. I was very loved. The entire community helped to welcome me into the family. My parents waited six years to get me. I grew up with love and nuture. There was only kindness in my home. I was lucky enough to get some brothers and a sister. I was to be the example to my siblings. I was provided a very good example by my parents as to how to be. I grew up learning to serve my neighbors and look out for them. I love you dad!

Now I am grown and have a very large family of my own. Service is in my blood. I love to serve! I have dedicated much of my time to help those that I can. I love helping my customers who are looking for Modest Clothing. It is so hard in this day and age to find Modest Clothing. You have to look long and hard to find the right skirt and dress lengths and necklines that are appropriate. My parents raised me to cover myself up and that you act the way you dress. My personal struggle and focus is to find Modest Clothing for my store. Sometimes I just have to break down and design my own items to get them in the price range and at the level of Modesty that I am looking for. Men have it easy to find Modest Clothing.

Women, we all struggle to find flattering clothes for our body types, and that is hard enough. Modest Clothing should just be out there in every store, but that just isn't the case. Join me in my journey to do as I was raised to do and provide a service to my community and sell Modest Clothing in my store.

We are proud to say that we are now offerring an Online Store to help those out there who don't have a Modest Clothing Store near them.

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