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My Mother is important because....

3 Generations of Mother's

Thank you for offering this opportunity to share why my mother is so important to me. She's amazing in every way! This brave woman has conquered so much and continues to stay awesome! Her birthday is May 24 and she will be 74 years young. Her name is Sandra Anita Chase Turner, but she goes by Sandy.

My mother is very important, because she raised 12 children, has 40 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren. She LOVES to shop for each of her children, their spouses, and all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Grandma Turner knows that birthdays and Christmas are extraordinary occasions and she saves her money carefully so that she's able to purchase the perfect gift.

She has worked for Weight Watchers for 30 years and will retire next month. My mom lost over 100 pounds decades ago and continues to exercise and eat right. Each week, she memorizes the new lesson so she can present her Tuesday night class with the information needed to help them with their weight loss battles. My mom is important to me, because she is healthy and longs to stay here on earth and grow old for as long as she can. Even though she's a widow and misses my dad more than words can express.

Sandy is beloved by everyone who meets her! She's been asked to be the mayor of Smithfield, due to her wisdom and personality. Raising 8 sons, has made her exceptionally strong as she endures each and every day. My mother is extremely optimistic and positive. She LOVES sports, going to the temple weekly, and enjoys serving in many ward callings at the same time. My mom has taught me by being a faithful visiting teacher, taking meals to everyone and anyone, and making homemade bread. My mother is important to me, because she's always set a remarkable spiritual example of obedience to attending the temple and going to church.

My mom adores our cabin in Turnerville, Wyoming that she and my father built. She was his #1 caregiver and he was her best friend! They ran Turner Distributing together for years and my dad was known as the "Candy Man". Everyone knew them to be honest and a couple with great integrity. Wendle and Sandy Turner were hard workers and taught their children to be the same way.

Our family was likened to the "Brady Bunch" when my parents were married on April 23, 1976. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I was 9 when we moved from Brigham City to Smithfield. My mom is important to me, because she survived a nasty divorce in 1974 with five children under the age of 7. I'm her oldest. God gave me two dads and two moms, and I'm thankful for that great blessing.

My mom was an avid snowmobiler, back in the day, and has a mountain named after her. "Sandy's Hill" is located up Beaver Creek Road. I have fond memories of riding Polaris machines up and down her famous territory. My mom is important to me, because she took me snowmobiling from the age of 10 on. Every Saturday was a family day and it involved snowmobiling.

On July 2, 1990, Paul and I were in a car accident in Mapleton, Utah. We swerved to miss hitting an 88 year old man who was driving towards us and turning left into our lane. Our seatbelts were not fastened, because we were raised without wearing them. We rolled our car one and a half times. I was thrown and Paul stayed mostly inside the car, but his neck was broken. My injuries were minor, but Paul needed surgery and was in traction for days due to the Fourth of July holiday and doctors were leaving for vacations.

Our mothers drove down to Utah Valley Hospital together, but they weren't given any information about how seriously Paul had been hurt. My mom is important to me, because she was and is like Jesus. She left my dad and my siblings to come to my aid. Just like the scriptures talk of leaving the 99 for the lost sheep. My mother-in-law eventually went home, but my mom stayed with me for the entire time until Paul was released with his halo brace. My mom is important to me, because she's always been there for me and continues to do so.

My mom has had serious falls, fainting episodes, car and snowmobile accidents, miscarriages, injuries, and surgeries. She's buried her husband, her parents, her only sister, and dear friends. She's survived a recovery stay at Sunshine Terrace, many rides in ambulances, and a Life Flight trip to SLC with me by her side. I held her hand the entire time. My mom is important to me, because she is a fighter and we've been through alot together.

I'm grateful for her and to her. This is why she is so valuable to me and my family. She's simply the BEST! I love her so much and appreciate all she's done. Her life has been all about service and leaving this world a better place.

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